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crane-beach-barbadosWelcome to Barbados, where the sun is warm and the beaches inviting.

As a tropical island, Barbados is home to many stunning beaches. Barbados' beaches are as diverse as the island and everyone has their own personal preference. All beaches in Barbados are open to the public and visitors alike. There are no private beaches on the island.

On the more peaceful west coast, palm trees sway on white sandy coasts while the blue waters lap gently at the shore. Relax onshore soaking up the rays or take a dip in the clear waters. Jet skiing, kayaking, catamaran cruises, swimming and snorkeling among many other activities await.

Heading south you'll continue to find perfect sandy Barbados beaches sheltered by coral reefs. The more energetic tide in the south and south-east are ideal for a host of watersports such as windsurfing, kite surfing and boogie boarding. If you've never experienced these before, Barbados is the perfect place to start; hey you're on vacation after all!

Alongside the east coast the beaches are wide and wind-blown. Here the shore is struck by the Atlantic winds making it an enjoyment for the surfers who come from all corners of the world.

In the northern area, coral and sandstone cliffs rise straight out of the sea reaching up to a hundred feet in altitude. But even here, you'll find the rare protected harbour.

All along the Barbados coasts large and small beaches are dotted with coral foundations, the soft coral rocks eroded by the ocean water, forming intangible figures pleasing to an artist's eye.

Barbados beaches are truly some of the most stunning in the world, in fact the beach at The Crane was rated "one of the ten best beaches in the world" by Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous.

Barbados is a coral island and its beaches are made from finely ground coral creating a clean fine grain. There are few beaches that are not fine sand. Natural sand dunes are scarce but some exist in Long Bay on the south-east coast.


flag-map of barbadosVisa - Not required for US, EU or Commonwealth visitors.
Money - Barbados dollar (B$ or BBD); B$1 = US$0.50 = €0.32 = UK£0.25
Official name - Barbados
Departure tax - Departure Tax of BDS $55 (US $ 27.50) applies to all passengers over 2 years old leaving Barbados. Most airlines include this with the cost of the ticket, but passengers should always check to be sure.
Area - 432 sq km
Population - 282,000
Famous for - Beaches, rum, flying-fish sandwiches
Country code - 246
Capital - Bridgetown
People - Barbadian (formal), Bajan (slang)